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The non-judge openings list

This page contains links to groups and people who organize Diplomacy games that are not run on the judges. This list is likely not complete, and since I don't check it often there are no garantuees. For instance, I cannot guarantee that there are actually openings in these games, nor even that the games are active. But I can guarantee that these games have, or have had, GMs who were dedicated enough to ask me to list their game, so as to help them recruit new players and observers. I certainly think this dedication deserves any amount of attention you feel up to giving these games.

If you run an off-judge game, with or without openings, and want it listed on this page, please feel free to send mail to me at [email protected].

OrganizerWeb siteDescription
Dylan O'Donnel Dylan's games
Steve Messier The War Room  
Michael Lee   Michael runs games of Super Spy Diplomacy. This variant is blind, allows limited press, and features spies. Send Michael email for full variant rules.
George Heintzelman We are a group of diplomats who play on a MUSH, an interactive environment, although we play with PBeM-style deadlines instead of RT (like is usually done on, say, IRC). We start games infrequently, but it is a medium which is, IMHO, a good medium between true FTF and PBeM. Email is of course, still available for use.
Eric Pederson Global Diplomacy As of January 1998: one game in progress, several openings. 22nd century Earth. 6 players. Armies, Navies, and Air Force units.
Chad Schroeder Redscape Join and play in human-mediated, PBEM games of Diplomacy.
Alessandro Pedone Diplomacy in Italy Organizes diplomacy games.
John DiFool Modern Vain Rats Come play a game of Modern Vain Rats! Includes a number of new special powers (such as the Assassin, the Octopus, Transmogrifier, and the Orb of Immunity) to go along with the originals. This game is meant to be played in a not-too-serious vein, so the writing of silly press is to be strongly encouraged.
Christian Shelton BOUNCED Basic Online Utility for Network Computerized Electronic Diplomacy. BOUNCED was constructed in 1999 to allow play of diplomacy purely over the web. Although similar to PBEM (play by e-mail) systems, all of the software was written from scratch and all information about a game (maps, history, judging, and press) is displayed on the web site with a single (simple) interface. Judging is automatic with a game master overseeing each game.
Thomas van Dam Diplomacy 60000
Cat 23 Cat 23 CAT23 Diplomacy is an extended community of diplomats devoted to the play and study of the game of Diplomacy by Hasbro. We have open and reserved areas. Games are run by a real live person.
Stephen Agar Armistice Day UK Diplomacy zine which also runs a number of games.
Tom Tweedy Diplomacy 2000
John Gidman Dipster Two and Three week deadline Diplomacy games.
Official French Diplomacy French-language Diplomacy games.
Aron Ambrosiani Sirius sirius is a site devoted to convention-style Diplomacy played through the judge interface. You sign up to a judge game set up by sirius. Maps, supply center charts and other game info is found on this site. However, that's not all there is to it. What makes sirius different is that the games are not at all like ordinary judge games. A sirius game is played to 1908 ? then, three different scoring systems determine a winner.
John Strain Organizes human judge diplomacy games for the Bretwalda, Colonial, and North American Variants.

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