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General Resources
Diplomacy Rulebook (5th Edition)
Diplomacy Rulebook (4th Edition (C) 2000 Hasbro) (alternate version) newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists
The Variant Bank

Diplomatic Pouch Resources

Openings Library
Library of Diplomacy Tactics
Diplomacy Buyer's Guide
Diplomacy Maps
Diplomacy Mapping Software
Diplomacy Variants
The Diplomacy Subject Index
Stalemates A to Y
Variants A to Z

diplomacy-archive Resources

The Judge FAQ
Strategy and Tactics Articles

Player Reference Sources
The Game of Diplomacy by Richard Sharp
Diplomacy Tutorial
Diplomacy A to Z
Stalemates A to Y (tared, UNIX compressed text version)
Variants A to Z (tared, UNIX compressed text version)
Diplomacy Adjudicator Test Cases
Wikipedia Diplomacy Page

Judge PBEM Resources
The Diplomacy Judge User's Manual
The Judge FAQ
Newbies' Guides: A Newbie's Guide to Play By E-Mail Diplomacy by Joe Brennan, The Newbies' Guide to the Judge (Short version by Andy Schwarz and Long version by Tim Miller)
Judge help file list
Judge registration page
Judge game listings explained
Judge Openings List: long version or shortform
Diplomacy Game Queues
The Penultimate Guide to Being a GM
Judge address list
EP House Rules
Guide to Real-Time Diplomacy
Njudge Project Home Page
Other Diplomacy Source Codes

Diplomacy Player Communities
The School of Creative Destruction
The Vermont Group
The Academy of Diplomacy
Cat23 Diplomacy Home
Redscape's Deluxe Diplomacy Online
ICQ Diplomacy Guild
Dip World: A Diplomatic Diplomacy Club
Israeli Diplomacy
Compuserve Diplomacy Forum
Ludomaniac (German player community)

Diplomacy Hobby Organizations
The North American Diplomacy Federation
The Diplomatic Corps
The Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand
The UK Home of Diplomacy
Canadian Diplomacy Organization
Suomen Diplomacy Seura (Finnish Diplomacy Association)
Norsk Diplomacyforbund (Norwegian Diplomacy Association)
Japan International Games Guild

Diplomacy Zines on the Web
The Diplomatic Pouch: The Zine
Spring Offensive
Diplomacy World (abridged)
The Abyssinian Prince
I Digress
The Diplomatic Pouch Postal Zine Registry
The Diplomatic Pouch Email Zine Registry
Electronic Zine Archives
UK PBM Diplomacy Zine Archives
Mission From God (extensive postal zine list)

Non-English Diplomacy Pages
De Nederlandse Diplomacy Pagina (Dutch)
Dutch Diplomacy (Dutch)
La Esperantolingva Diplomatio Loko (Esperanto)
FROG Diplomacy Juge (French)
L'ambassade Diplomacy : Le Guide en Francais (French)
Diplomacy, the French Embassy (French)
The Belgian Embassy (French)
Le Reseau Francophone du Jeu de Diplomacy Par E-mail (French)
Le Juge Alsacien/Albanais Experimental (French)
Diplomacy via Email (German)
Lepanto (German) (Italian)
Às Armas! Diplomacia por Correspondência Eletrônica (Portugese)
Artigos e Links em sobre Diplomacia (Portugese)
Diplomacy at (Russian)
YuDip (Serbian)
diplomacy@ptt (Serbian)
Diplored (Spanish)
Stockholm Diplomacy (Swedish)

Other Diplomacy Pages
The Diplomacy Ring
Sean Lorber's Diplomacy AI FTP Archive (mirrored at FTP Archive
Internet Boardman Number and Miller Number game logs. Also see the Boardman Number Home Page and the Miller Number Home Page.
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