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Maps that are listed in bold are maps that can be viewed directly through a graphical browser.

If you haven't already read them, see the notes at the end of this page regarding the file types of the various map files listed. Please send updates to Eric Goodman ([email protected]).

Over 300 maps currently available

Don't forget to take a look at The Diplomatic Pouch variants page, which has links to over 170 variants, many of which are not listed below because they do not have separate maps.

Links to mapping software are now listed on the Diplomacy Mapping Software page.

Standard Maps (Hasbro)
(used for the standard game as well as many other variants.)

Large, colorful map | Map w/abbreviations only (no names) | Color map |
Color map from Rob Addison | Same (Rob Addison) map with colored starting SCs | Small, lightly colored |
Small two tone map, no province names | Large two tone map, no province names |
Large color map (with tiny province names!) | Black and white map , very plain for fast download/print |
Rectilinear topologically-equivalent map from Douglas Crockford |
Circular topologically-equivalent map from Fergus Hudson |
Color POV map ]

[ Colorful map w/abbreviations only (from Johan Van Gijsegem) | Black and white map with province names from Fitzpatrick/Roberts |
Fitzpatrick/Roberts map with Judge-specific province names (first 3 chars always judge legal abbrs) from R. Scott Rogers ]

[ Standard Map (compressed) | All possible army movements (compressed) | All possible fleet movements (compressed) ]

Miscellaneous Formats
[ ASCII | Imageviewer for Palm OS | POV ray tracer (zipped) | Scalable Vector Graphics version ]

Editable Maps in Miscellaneous Formats
[ Desktop map (Windows) | editable color PowerPoint map (BinHex or zipped) | color canvas | large color canvas |
  stand-alone editable map application for Windows 95/98/ME/XP | zipped CorelDraw 4.0* | Xfig | color Xfig ]

Interactive Online Maps
[ interactive Java map with placeable units | another interactive Java map with placeable units |
  Net'Mapper (generates map from judge output) ]

Original (1958) standard map (Allan B. Calhamer)
small gif | large gif ]
(Note: the original rules are not the same as the modern-day standard rules)

Variant Maps

1492 (Edwin Godfrey)
gif ]

1600 (Tommy Larsson)
color gif | gif ]

1700 II (Martin Dean)
gif ]

1720 (Nick Danfort)
gif | postscript* ]

1885 III (Fred C. Davis, Jr.)
gif ]

1900 (B. M. Powell)
[ color gif | large color gif | large PDF | large postcript ]

1939 (Joao Pedro Neto)
[ color gif ]

Aberration (Rod Walker and Nick Fitzpatrick)
another color gif | another color gif | another color gif | gif | postscript | postscript, A4 size | pict* | wmf* ]

Abstraction and Abstraction II (Fred C. Davis, Jr.)
abstraction gif | abstraction large gif | abstraction postscript* | abstraction II color gif | another abstraction II color gif ]

Africa '82 (Brian Lorber)
gif ]

African (Phil Reynolds)
[ color gif |  gif | postscript* ]

African (David "Thundar" Lawler)
color gif | large color gif ]

Ambition & Empire (B. M. Powell and Jeff Kase)
color gif ]

Ancient Mediterranean (Don Hesson, additional maps by Tom�s Hnyk)
color gif | color png | color svg ]

Arab Diplomacy (Roland Isaksson)
gif for judge version ]

Ard-Rí (Stuart John Bernard)
color jpeg | another color gif ]

Asia (David Lawler, Peter Baer, and Will Wible) and Asia Redux (Pitt Crandlemire)
Asia color gif | pdf | Asia ASCII | Asia postscript | Asia Redux color gif ]

Balkan (Martin Behal)
color gif | color jpeg | postscript* ]

Balkan Battle (Roland Isaksson)
gif ]

Balkan Wars IV (Fred C. Davis, Jr.)
gif ]

Baltic (David Caldwell)
color gif ]

Barbaria (Russell Tulp)
gif ]

Battle of the Five Armies
color gif ]

Blood & Iron (Tom Swider)
gif ]

Boer Diplomacy (Martin Behal)
color gif ]

Bretwalda (Geoff Bache)
color gif | postscript* ]

Britain (Danny Loeb and Bruce McIntyre [independently])
Maps: Uses the Standard map, but this map shows the additional supply centers in England used for this variant.

Chaos (Michel Ferion)
Maps: Uses the Standard map, but this map uses different colors for all supply centers rather than the standard 7 colors for 7 powers.

Chromatic (James Millington, Robert Schone and Lynsey Smith, based on the Romans variant)
color gif | gif | Black and White pdf  | Color pdf  | postscript ]

Classical (Andy Schwarz, Vincent Mous)
color jpeg | another color gif | postscript* ]

Colonia VII-B (Fred Hyatt)
jpeg | printable map (PowerPoint) ]

Colonial (P. Hawes)
color gif with starting units | color gif | another color gif | smaller color gif | large color gif | color gif with starting positions | pdf | postscript ]

Colonial America (Nick Danfort)
gif ]

color gif | another color gif | Xfig | color Xfig ]

Davis Diplomacy (Fred C. Davis, Jr.)
gif ]

Deluge II (Tim Sharrock and Stephen Agar)
JavaScript-enabled map page (all maps) | 1901 color gif | 1902 color gif | 1903 color gif | 1904 color gif | 1905 color gif | 1906 color gif | 1907 color gif | 1908 color gif ]

Diadokhoi (Jean-Marc Zaninetti)
jpeg ]

Downfall XIII (Iain Bowen)
gif ]

Egypt Diplomacy (Geoff Tonks)
[ Extend the standard map with this map fragment gif ]

Empire (Vincent Mous)
color gif | color gif with abbreviations | another color gif ]

English Civil War IIa (Stephen Agar)
gif ]

European Diplomacy (Michael Zmolek)
[ color gif ]

Excalibur (Kenneth Clark)
gif ]

Far East I-R (Vern Schaller)
gif ]

Federation (Theo Kermanidis)
color gif | gif | postscript ]

Fin de Siecle (Paul Barker)
gif ]

Five Italies (Mike Lea)
gif ]

Game of the Clans II (Wayne Hoheisel and Stephen Agar)
gif ]

Global Diplomacy (Eric Pederson)
gif | color gif ]

Hardbop Downfall (James and Mark Nelson)
gif ]

Heptarchy III (Geoff Bache)
color gif | postscript* ]

Hoplite Wars (Stephen Agar)
gif | large gif | pdf | postscript ]

Hundred (Andy Schwarz)
postscript* ]

Hyborian Age II (Burt Labelle)
gif ]

Iberian Diplomacy (Macario Reyes) Links temporarily down while Diplored web site changes ISP
color gif ]

Imperial Diplomacy (Michael David Roberts)
color gif ]

Indianomacy II (Wayne Hoheisel)
gif ]

Invasion 44AD (John Robertson)
gif ]

Latin American Diplomacy (Michael Zmolek)
[ color gifs (multiple maps) | color gif with starting positions ]

LiMa 1b (Michel Liesnard & Jean-Paul Macedoni)
gif ]

Loeb9 (Danny Loeb)
color gif | another col or gif | large color gif | pdf | postscript | Xfig | color Xfig | color canvas | large color canvas ]

London Nights (Andy Mansfield)
gif ]

Lord of Hosts (Tim Collieu)
gif ]

Machiavelli (S. Craig Taylor and James B. Wood)
Note: Please be aware that there are multiple versions of this variant which are similar but not identical. See the description on the variants page for more details.
[ gif (1st edition map) | pdf (1st edition map) | pdf (2nd edition map) | postscript (1st edition map) | another postscript (1st edition map) | color gif (basic 2nd edition map) | postscript (2nd edition map) | color gif ("Balance of Power" map) | color gif ("Struggle for Dominance - 1" map) | color gif ("Struggle for Dominance - 2" map) | color gif ("The Spanish Preponderance" map) |
Note: the PBEM judges are currently running 1st edition Machiavelli ]

Middle Earth II, VIII IX and X (Terry Kuch and Don Miller: II; Lew Pulsipher VIII; Mark Nelson: IX and X)
ME II gif | ME VIII gif | ME IX and X gif | pdf | ME IX and X postscript ]

Migraine Diplomacy (Stephen Koehler)
color jpeg | gif ]

Milan (John Norris)
color gif | gif | pdf | postscript ]

Mobtown II (Stephen Agar)
gif ]

Modern (Vincent Mous)
 another color gif | another color gif | gif | pdf | postscript ]

Multinational Diplomacy (Rein Kooy)
gif | gif showing initial unit starting locations ]

Napoleonic Wars (James Nelson)
gif ]

Narnian Wars (Brian Hogan)
gif ]

Necromancer (Richard Egan)
color gif | another color gif |  jpeg | gif | gif with starting locations| color gif with starting locations pdf | postscript ]

Nessie (Tobias Bende and Marcus Andersson)
color gif  | large color gif  | color gif with province names ]

Northern Ireland Diplomacy (Paul D. Kennedy)
gif ]

Octarine (Gary Duke)
small gif | large gif | small gif with starting positions | large gif with starting positions ]

Pride of Armies (Fred C. Davis Jr.)
gif ]

Range War (James Nelson)
gif ]

Republic (Der Garvey)
gif ]

Rise of Rome I and Rise of Rome II (Stephen Agar)
Rise of Rome I gif | Rise of Rome II gif ]

Romans (James Millington, Robert Schone and Lynsey Smith, based on The Five Italies variant designed by Mike Lee)
gif | postscript ]

Root Z (Phil Creed, Tom Hyer, and Mark Nelson)
gif | pdf | pdf, 2-page version | postscript | postscript, 2-page version ]

Sahara (Kyalo Brooks)
JavaScript-enabled map page (all maps) | 1901 - 1902 color gif | Spring 1903 color gif | Fall 1903 color gif | Spring 1904 color gif | Fall 1904 color gif | Spring 1905 color gif | Fall 1905 color gif | Spring 1906 color gif | Fall 1906 color gif | Spring 1907 color gif | Fall 1907 color gif | Spring 1908 color gif | Fall 1908 color gif | Spring 1909 color gif | Fall 1909 color gif | Spring 1910 color gif | Fall 1910 color gif | Spring 1911 color gif | Fall 1911 color gif | Winter 1911 color gif ]

Sail Ho! ("Tarzan")
color gif | another color gif  | another color gif with complete province names | postscript* ]

Sengoku (Benjamin Hester)
color gif ]

SFRJ Diplomacy (Aleksandar Bradaric, Milos Eric, Marko Herman)
color jpeg ]

Song of the Night (Lew Pulsipher)
gif ]

South America (Erlend Janbu)
version 3.2 (4-player) color gif |  version 5.1 (5-player) color gif ]

South American Supremacy (Benjamin Hester)
color gif with abbreviations ]

South_East_Asia_3 (Andrew Reddaway)
color gif |  gif | pdf |  postscript ]

Star Trek Diplomacy (Stephen Agar)
gif ]

Stonehenge Diplomacy II (Michael Lee)
gif ]

The Twentieth Century (Michael David Roberts)
small color gif | large color gif ]

Versailles (Martin Kennedy)
color gif | gif ]

Wall of Ice (David E. Cohen)
javascript color gif ]

War in Bosnia (Stephen Agar)
gif ]

War in North America (Will Nesbitt)
color gif |  Shockwave map that dynamically shows province abbreviations and names ]

War in the Americas (Macario Reyes) Links temporarily down while Diplored web site changes ISP
color gif |  postscript* ]

Woolworth II-D (Glenn Overby and Fred C. Davis, Jr.)
color gif | gif | pdf | postscript ]

World Diplomacy (David Caldwell)
color gif ]

World Diplomacy (Version 1, Version 2, Version 3 link broken ) (David Norman)
version 2 color gif | version 1 postscript* | version 2 postscript* ] version 3 postscript* ]

Wraparound (James Millington and Robert Schone)
color gif | gif | pdf | pdf, A4 size | postscript | postscript, A4 size ]

Young Kingdoms II (Stephen Agar)
gif ]

Youngstown (Rod Walker, and others for later versions)
gif | large gif | postscript | postscript, 4 pages | editable color PowerPoint map (BinHex or zipped) | Xfig | color Xfig | zipped EPS* | zipped PCX* | zipped TIFF* ]

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